Marilyn Chappell

Financial Services Professional & Financial Literacy Advocate

Marilyn Chappell

Personal Notes

Will you walk by faith or have a “next excuse?” That’s the question I challenge every group I speak with to answer. I once experienced many of the struggles my clients and audiences face including borrowing money and pacing the floor wondering how I would repay it. My goals seemed distant, and people doubted that I could do what I declared. However, everything I spoke by faith became a reality for me through prayer, preparation, planning, and persistence. My message for audiences believing for financial freedom is just that – there is HOPE, no matter how bad things may look.



As a once single mother who rose from being an entry-level employee relying on payday loans to co-owner and CFO of Chappell Electric LLC and founder and CEO of Exceeds Expectations, Inc., Marilyn Chappell knows the power of turning a mustard seed of faith into a mountain of manifestation. Her plan, prepare, and pursue mantra breaks financial education into manageable steps which anyone can grasp and her passion for economic freedom shines through her thought-provoking and moving style of speech. Marilyn’s unique take on personal finance, wealth creation, and goal achievement fills individuals and audiences with the faith to believe that they can reach their goals and achieve their dreams no matter what obstacles they face.

Marilyn’s relentless pursuit of growth and results-driven leadership led her on a journey to success that will ignite and inspire every dreamer who hears her story. She began as a bank teller and through hard work was promoted to Branch Manager at both U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo. Despite exhibiting success, Marilyn continued to face doubt until she eventually rose to the level of Vice President of Operations for Kansas City Credit Union where she led the organization to meet and exceed goals for sales, profitability, and cash flow.

Marilyn shared this determination to “believe and achieve” with the teams of employees she trained and developed while working in the banking industry. A proven motivator and professional development specialist, Marilyn held a progressive history of developing employees who excelled. She consistently saw her teams meet and exceed their goals resulting in numerous milestone years for the organizations she served. In 2011, she and her husband launched Chappell Electric LLC, a successful electrical service company that allowed both to become fully self-employed.

Marilyn now uses her expertise in training, development, and financial services to inspire others to achieve their dreams of financial freedom. In 2016, Marilyn founded Exceeds Expectations, Inc., a nonprofit designed to increase financial literacy through strategic partnerships. With fun and challenging seminars and workshops, Marilyn has educated over 1,500 Kansas City residents through her nonprofit organization and served as a speaker for other businesses, schools, organizations, and radio talk shows including KKFI 90.1 FM, Urban Talk 100, Faxson Elementary School, the Housing Authority of Kansas City, the Kansas City Public Schools Alternative and Adult Education Program, the Kansas City Boys and Girls Choir, and New House Shelter. She was also selected to conduct financial education workshops for the employees of the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

Marilyn lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband, Germaine, and their 3 daughters. She offers financial literacy workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches for adults and children of all ages inspiring them with transparency and empowering them with authenticity to work hard, have faith, and take the leap to live a life of abundance.