About the GiveSavings Campaign

The NFEC encourages you to work toward greater financial security while helping your family and loved ones do the same by participating in the Give Savings campaign. Make this holiday season one where you show that you truly care about your loved ones by contributing to their savings.

The Give Savings Campaign is focused on helping people save for their longer-term financial goals. The goal is to encourage people to reduce the money they spend on purchasing gifts, while helping loved ones put money away for the future.

The #GiveSavings campaign launches each year on “In the Black Friday” – a day that encourages people to evaluate their spending over the holidays.

Join the #GiveSavings Campaign

How to Participate

Family Give Savings Resources

Children & Teens Give Savings Letter

Adult Gift-giving Pact Letter

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Why Participate?

Want to give loved ones something that can truly benefit them and their futures? Tired of getting gifts that end up in the trash or taking up storage space? Sick of facing shopping, checkouts, and crowds buying gifts for family & friends? These are all great reasons to participate in the GiveSavings Campaign.

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