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Financial Coach Enrollment Dates 2020-02-05T23:01:29-08:00

Financial Coach Enrollment Dates Spring 2020 Starts February 20th

As the training date nears, we will be in contact with further details so you can plan to secure your place in the next financial coaching Certification program offered by the NFEC – the Certified Personal Finance Consultant (CPFC) program.

Be sure to safelist us and watch out for emails as the training date nears. This program will fill up quickly and we have limited enrollment.

Course Schedule Options & Full TOC with Training Dates

Thanks to all those who voted for course schedule options. With over 1,600 responses, votes were split almost equally down the middle – just over half wanted self-directed while the rest wanted instructor-led. So we have decided to please everyone. You can choose among these three course schedule options:

  • Option 1: Self-directed. Take the training at your own pace as lessons are released. You will have access to recorded instructor-led webinar trainings too.
  • Option 2: Instructor-led. Join our 14-week live webinar training. Requires an investment of 10 to 20 hours per week to keep pace. You will have access to the full self-directed training as well.
  • Option 3: Hybrid. A combination of self-directed and instructor-led.
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Important Dates – Enrollment, Class Starting Date, Program Review

  • January 30: Coaching Tour & Sample Resources. Access the full coaching practice tour, review resource samples, and preview the training.
  • February 3: Daily Q & A Sessions. Every business day, we will conduct Q & A sessions for those interested in the coaching program. Ask your questions via phone or chat and we will answer live.
  • February 6: Additional Certification Details & Pricing. You will receive additional details on the coaching certification course, packages, and pricing options.
  • February 12: Business Resources Tour. Learn about and preview the business, marketing, and support resources provided in the coaching program.
  • February 17: Final Details Announced. We will provide answers to common FAQs, details on our 1-year/100% guarantee, and the exact time of the course launch.
  • February 19: Current Client Open Enrollment. Current NFEC clients will be able to register for the coaching program. All current NFEC clients are guaranteed entry into the program.
  • February 20: General Public Open Enrollment. All interested parties are eligible to enroll in the coaching program. Early registration is suggested, as the class will fill up quickly.
  • February 27: Registration Closes. *Note: We will likely be at capacity for this training before the 27th. Early registration is suggested to guarantee enrollment.
  • March 12: Courses Begin. The course officially starts. You can join the live training schedule or take the course at your own pace as lessons become available.
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