Caroline “Carly” Matthews

Financial Services Professional & Financial Literacy Advocate

Caroline Matthews

Personal Notes

Hello! Congratulations on taking your first step to improving your knowledge about personal finance. As a highly motivated and self-taught student of the language of money this subject is of great importance to me. As a child I saw how the lack of financial literacy skills affected people’s lives adversely if they did not understand what I call the A-B-C’s of money: Accumulation, Budgeting and (portfolio) Construction. Most people are never given the opportunity to learn about personal finance in school; this impacts all individuals regardless of age, income or ethnicity. As a result people do not know how to save and budget, manage credit and debt, understand taxable vs. retirement accounts or how to invest their income while managing risk. Many people are confused by professional certifications or how to find affordable advisors to meet their needs. I spent many years investigating the financial services industry by attending classes, conferences and consulting with expert advisors. My goal is to simplify confusing concepts through basic education in order to help others overcome the fear of managing their finances.



Caroline (Carly) Matthews is an NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor.

As a former director at a biotech company, Carly was responsible for the development of strategic partnerships and solutions for patients with rare diseases. After speaking with the CEO of the NFEC she decided to pursue her true passion: educating young adults about money in a fun and easy way. Motivated by her own life experiences and her desire to help others, Carly has incorporated multiple lessons into powerful presentations about personal finance.

Carly has been an advocate of the financial literacy movement for over twenty years, investing hundreds of hours working with organizations such as Junior Achievement, Girl Scouts, BizWorld, Full Circle Fund, Bay Area Financial Education Foundation, Creative Wealth International and the JumpStart Coalition. She has been a classroom educator, a regional competition judge and a speaker of empowerment for underserved youth. She was a participant for roundtable discussions at the SEC Office of the Investor Advocate, a panelist for the Saks Fifth Avenue Fearless Women Speaker Series and an Advisory Board member for Junior Achievement. She currently speaks on behalf of multiple organizations to empower others to take control of their finances. Carly strongly believes that change for the economic future begins with the understanding of personal finance basics taught in our schools.