CFEI 1 Year Guarantee & Sponsorship Opportunities

The NFEC is committed to progressing the financial literacy industry forward. To lead the charge toward quality financial education, we have committed millions of dollars into product development since 2007 to bring educational standards to the financial education industry.

We take away your risk on and provide you opportunity by providing:

  • A 30-day no questions asked guarentee plus a full 1-year guarantee up to 100% on our education materials, educator training, and packages. See details on this page.
  • Sponsorship of programs that successfully deliver financial literacy to their communities and report results. See details on this page.

1-Year Guarantee – Up to 100% of Purchase Price

We eliminate your risk with a 30-day no questions asked guarantee plus a full 1-year guarantee of up to 100% of the purchase price.  Custom projects and live presentations excluded. The guarantee is simple: we offer the most comprehensive and highest quality financial education programming based on these 3 important criteria:

If you find any other program that exceeds the NFECs resources on these 3 criteria – you are eligible to receive a refund up to the amount of the purchase price. See details on this page.

Products, Eligibility, & 1-year Guarantee Details

Certification Clients (CFEI) & Live Presentation Curriculum Resources, Essentials Package Clients, Advanced Package Clients. Full 100% guarantee of purchase price provided on these resources. See customization and custom branding clients for other details.

Professional Enterprise Clients. Professional package clients receive a $1,900 refund and Enterprise clients a $3,700 refund based on full purchase price. See customization and custom branding clients for other details.

Customization and Custom Branding Clients. Design quality is 100% guaranteed to match samples. No refunds are given once order is placed, since full access and samples of our design team’s work can be viewed and approved in advance.

Online Learning Center Clients. Full 100% guarantee provided on up to 100 licenses that have not been used. No refunds on the Learning Management System or customization. See customization and custom branding clients for other details.

Process to Get Refund. Send financial education material from a single provider that you feel exceeds our resources. If we agree that the provider’s resources exceed our material in all 3 areas – we will refund you the money as described in our terms.

Details. Discount amounts based on full retail price. Any discounts off full retail price of the refunds are deducted by an equal percentage to the discounted pricing. Refund process takes up to 60 days. No refunds are given to programs to which we award sponsorships. View all terms and conditions.

Program Sponsorship Opportunities

To help your program scale and reach more people, the NFEC supports you by providing sponsorship package opportunities to help fund your financial education programming that provide value between $100 and $3,000 in program promotions.

CFEI Trainng & Certification Overview

All clients in good standing who follow these steps are eligible:

This is a one-time sponsorship opportunity that is guaranteed to all clients who complete the steps in accordance with the guidelines. Levels and eligibility vary depending on the package in which you invested. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available through the NFEC to select organizations that rank the highest among other reports.

NFEC Sponsor Levels and Awards

Update Bonus: Now all levels will receive inclusion in a national press release that highlights your program.