Aaron Baker

Financial Services Professional & Financial Literacy Advocate

Aaron Baker

Personal Notes

There is an old expression that says “If you knew better, you would do better”

I have been working in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years and have learned that people have gaps in their knowledge and understanding of money. I’ve seen this gap create issues, problems and/or unrealistic expectations. Also, having taught business and finance at the college and graduate level with over 10,000 student classroom hours to my credit has taught me people are not educated on the subject of money. Only a limited number of states require formal classroom training in personal finance. As a teacher and a Registered Financial Advisor this represents a problem to be solved. I have accepted this as my unique challenge and opportunity to share my knowledge and abilities with those of you that need to know, those of you that want to know and those of you that don’t know what you don’t know so that we all can live better lives.



To Educate and Inform Investors Who Build Community

Aaron founded Baker and Associates Registered Investment Advisors, LLC after 18 years of working with Private Equity groups The Angel Network Forum and Quantum Private Asset’s; providing investment advisory services through Merrill Lynch and providing Insurance services through American Insurance Group and MetLife. Aaron Baker is a Registered Investment Advisor and business owner experienced in business and financial management. Aaron Baker is an NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor.

At Baker & Associates we believe our best relationships are with clients that are informed and educated. This way they understand what they need and how we can help them. Because we are fiduciaries we provide unbiased education and information on various money topics. We provide an on-demand structured learning environment. We provide information relevant to your understanding of money management, saving and investing. We do this through both online individual and team training for you or your organization. We provide on-line individual meeting spaces and virtual classroom settings for you or your organization or group. We build community through a base of common knowledge and goals.

Aaron holds a MBA degree from the Wharton School of Finance & Commerce where he studied entrepreneurship and minored in finance. His career spans the financial services, consumer products and telecommunications sectors where he has led departments including product development, marketing, sales and strategic planning.