2016 Financial Education Instructor of the Year: Sam X Renick

Vince Shorb Presents Sam X Renick the 2016 NFEC Financial Educator of the Year Award

Each year the National Financial Educators Council honors an outstanding financial educator by presenting him or her with the coveted Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award. The 2016 recipient is Sam X Renick, whose history of delivering practical financial education programming, raising mainstream awareness, and promoting legislation to encourage improved financial competency among our nation’s citizens make him a strong match for the NFEC’s award criteria.

Sam was selected because of his leadership, innovation and experience in early age financial literacy for over 15 years. He has accumulated and shared his wealth of knowledge on teaching kids early about money he acquired from having personally delivered programs to over a quarter million children in 8 countries and nearly 40 states. His visionary work that incorporates lessons on reading and writing in addition to money has not only garnered numerous honors for himself, but for those who use his resources as well. A few of the awards he’s earned include the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education Lifetime Achievement Award, the California Jumpstart Coalition Leaders in Personal Financial Literacy Award, and induction onto the Loyola Marymount University Wall of Honor for Entrepreneurs.

The NFEC Financial Education Instructor of the Year award is set aside to recognize a single individual who has made markedly significant contributions to promoting financial wellness over the previous year. The NFEC contends that educators are the single most important influence on participant success; that’s why the council created this award to recognize distinguished financial education instructors for their contributions.

“Sam X Renick exemplifies the stellar characteristics represented by the Financial Education Instructor of the Year award. He has been helping people improve their financial capabilities for decades and has made noteworthy contributions to expanding access to financial literacy programming,” states Vince Shorb, CEO of the NFEC. “Sam’s publications, advocacy, and collaborative spirit are benefiting the financial education industry.”

Research has demonstrated the significant impact educators make on ensuring successful student learning. Distinguished financial education instructors are not merely dispensers of knowledge; they are learning facilitators who can mold and modify participants’ behavior and guide them toward financial wellness.

The ‘It’s a Habit’ Company (www.itsahabit.com), was founded by Sam X Renick to teach kids early great money habits and to train others to do the same. The enterprise has been doing that since its inception in 2001 through its main children’s storybook character Sammy Rabbit. In 2015 Sammy and the It’s a Habit team expanded its mission to include teaching kids to dream and do big, one step at a time!

The National Financial Educators Council (www.FinancialEducatorsCouncil.org) mission is to create a world where people are financially capable to make sound, effective financial decisions that improve their lives and the lives of people they influence around the globe. The NFEC recognizes those industry representatives who have made significant contributions to the financial literacy movement. These awards are designed to encourage others in the financial education space to continue to push boundaries toward promoting financial wellness on an ever larger scale.

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