Personal Finance Lesson Plans

The personal finance lesson plans the NFEC has developed are designed to connect with and entertain audiences, while also meeting core standards for financial education. The lesson plans have been widely recognized for their ability to reach participants from all demographics and mobilize them toward positive action to improve their finances.

A 100% independent organization, the NFEC can guarantee that its personal finance presentations are purely educational. These lesson plans were created with the guidance of the NFEC Curriculum Advisory Board, a group of experts, educators, and financial professionals dedicated to writing personal finance lessons that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Kids working on personal finance lesson plans

Personal Finance for Kids (PK – 6th Grade)

Experts agree that children can start to benefit from personal finance lessons at a very early age. This practical program helps kids establish an educational foundation that inspires them to continue learning about money as they mature.

High school students financial literacy class

Middle & High School Lesson Plans

Middle and high school students are presented with enjoyable personal finance lessons that can have an impact on their lives for years to come. The lesson plans are packaged for easy delivery and meet core educational standards.

College personal finance workshop

College-Level Personal Finance Lessons

Universities can employ the college-level personal finance lesson plans to accomplish a variety of goals. At the same time, they will be empowering students with practical financial tools that will serve them during their college years and beyond.

Adult financial educators

Adult (Fundamental) Lesson Plans

The NFEC’s Building Your Financial Foundation program promotes financial wellness among adults. The fundamental personal finance lessons plans for adults teach money management skills necessary to avoid or overcome financial pitfalls.

Retirement training program

Adult (Advanced-level)

The advanced section of the adult personal finance program is called Road to Retirement. This coursework helps people work toward financial security in their golden years, focusing on investments, insurance, and wealth management.

Woman studying online personal finance lessons

Mobile, Virtual & Simulated Learning

The NFEC offers programming via high-tech solutions for both organizations and individuals. Use these learning tools exclusively, or combine them with live instruction.

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