Financial Literacy Certification

The NFEC’s Certified Financial Education Instructor program helps individuals acquire the expertise, credibility, and self-assurance necessary to teach money management lessons effectively. CFEI graduates report that they experience greater enjoyment teaching and achieve better results from the audiences who attend their presentations.

A key provision in the National Financial Capability Strategy is the training and deployment of financial educators. Personal finance is a unique subject that requires specialized expertise to teach effectively; the educator directly influences both short-term student outcomes and long-term impact on their financial wellbeing. You are an essential part of the overall financial literacy movement and the NFEC’s efforts to train and mobilize a global team of qualified financial education instructors.

This financial literacy certification is designed to help you increase your impact as a financial educator. You will develop skills and learn techniques that help you motivate, engage, educate, and move participants of all ages to take positive financial action.

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Educators Standards

The Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework meets standards for the highest academic rigor. Graduates of the coursework take their place among the most highly-qualified personal finance educators, with the ability to teach essential money management concepts effectively to people of all ages.

The CFEI coursework has been accepted for Continuing Education Credits, is a Professional Designation listed on FINRA’s site*, and has been taught through top universities. Throughout course development, clear performance expectations were designed that now are referenced by organizations around the globe as benchmarks for financial educator standards – the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance.

The Framework for Teaching Personal Finance is a research-based set of components aligned with InTASC standards and grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching. This Framework breaks down teaching financial literacy into 22 components recognized as best practices in the industry. To date the NFEC is the only organization to clearly define the knowledge, performance expectations, and skill sets in which financial educators should demonstrate competency.

“Receiving the training and becoming certified by the NFEC has given the program the extra boost and noteworthiness. Since our certification has become public, we’ve received several calls from community service organizations and summer camps interested in our youth financial education program.”
Kimberly Knox, Financial Education and Marketing Coordinator, NCMSC
“Understanding more of the psychological dynamics of financial literacy will help me talk to people, motivate them and get them toward taking action. This course provided a real good way to shore up key areas of my public presentations.”
Patrick Zieger, Arizona Attorney General’s Office
“We chose to provide the NFEC curriculum because it balances practical application with core educational standards. The lessons are engaging, making it enjoyable for teachers and students alike. We also liked that it incorporates a comprehensive educator training program to empower those delivering the information with the tools to maximize the effectiveness of the coursework.”
Erica K. Jackson, Director Center for Financial & Consumer Outreach, Penn State University


Team & Topics

The CFEI education and development team is made up of individuals who are passionate about helping people improve their financial capabilities and promoting the overall financial literacy movement. We believe that, by offering the CFEI training to others who share our passion, we can educate the world’s citizens so they can live their own personal dreams.

Since initial development of the course, more than 40 members of the NFEC’s Curriculum Advisory Board directly contributed to creating the Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework. The Advisory Board is comprised of educators, personal finance experts, and financial professionals. This collaboration has yielded financial literacy curriculum that bridges the gap between theory-based education and practical application.

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Throughout the CFEI professional development course you will learn the methods and pedagogies of teaching personal finance so you may effectively encourage financially sustainable behavior. The training is composed of 11 sections in the CFEI coursework, including:

  • Course Overview and Financial Education Benefits
  • Understanding Financial Literacy & Illiteracy
  • Financial Psychology: Decision-making Process
  • Financial Psychology: Emotions & Money
  • Measurement & Depth of Knowledge
  • Quantifying Measurement Results
  • Teaching Financial Literacy: Learning Styles
  • Teaching Financial Literacy: Approaches
  • Participant Experience & Presentation Tips
  • Motivate, Engage, Educate, & Move to Action
  • Holistic Education Approach & Recap

The CFEI course is focused on teaching you the methods and pedagogies that will help you become an effective instructor.

For those that need to brush up on personal finance topics, you also receive a separate course that will help you learn essential money management lessons. Only those that need to learn fundamental personal finance lessons take this separate course.


Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates of the Certified Financial Education Instructor course receive both personal and professional benefits. The NFEC encourages individuals and organizations to leverage the benefits of starting a financial literacy initiative toward satisfying other professional and personal objectives.

Besides training effective instructors, we seek to help you raise community awareness and develop a sustainable outreach model. Upon graduation you become eligible for membership in the Personal Finance Speakers Association – the first national speaker’s bureau for financial educators and advocates. The Speakers Association provides resources to help members increase exposure and build professional résumés.

Graduates are also eligible to receive access to the NFEC’s financial literacy curriculum and turnkey financial education services and packages. Our role as a resource provider gives you access to over 80 financial literacy assets to deploy in your community.

In addition to providing outstanding financial literacy certification education, the NFEC also is committed to raising awareness and helping you develop sustainable models that align with our national solution. The NFEC spearheads several promotions that Certified Financial Education Instructors can leverage to gain exposure while promoting financial wellness in their communities.


What the CFEI Coursework Includes

As you know by now, the Certified Financial Education Instructor course helps you improve your capabilities as a financial educator while adding to your credibility. The average person with a financial or education background spends about 10 to 12 hours completing the coursework, while those without such a background spend 16 to 20 hours.

The course is offered in 2 formats. For organizations seeking to train more than 9 people, the NFEC offers private, live presentations. For individuals or smaller groups seeking Certification, the virtual training center is the preferred option.

The virtual Certified Financial Education Instructor professional development course includes:

  • eLearning Platform. The virtual classroom includes 8 hours of full production video training and activities that improve your capabilities as a financial education instructor.
  • Course Workbook & Manual. The workbook and course manual will help you take the lessons you learned in the video training and integrate them into your own teaching style to create personalized presentations.
  • Financial Education Learning Center. Those who need added training on personal finance topics may access a separate training course to expand knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Testing. Upon completion of the Certification, you must pass the final exam with a score of 75% or higher. The final is delivered online. If you do not pass the first time, you may take the exam again.
  • Certification Award & Logo. To recognize your accomplishments, a personalized Certification Award will be mailed* to you after you pass the test. Graduates in good standing may use the Digital badge and Certified Financial Education Instructor logo on their outreach material to boost their credibility as financial educators. (*US residents only; those outside the US will receive the award via email).
  • Promotions. For those interested in gaining more exposure, the NFEC provides promotional and campaign opportunities like Financial Educators Day and other advocacy events to leverage in your community.
  • Speakers Webpage. For those interested in exposure, receive a customized webpage the features your speakers profile & bio.
  • CFEI-PackagePersonal Finance Speakers Association & Ongoing Training. All graduates are accepted as members of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association and may receive speaking opportunities. You are also invited to participate in ongoing training events to keep up-to-date with industry best practices.
  • Support. At the NFEC we have a vested interest in the success of our graduates. The more people you reach with money management training, the closer it brings us to accomplishing our mission of “creating a world where people are informed and able to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of those they love, and the lives of those they reach around the globe.”

By now you understand that the Certified Financial Education Instructor program provides the skill sets you need to teach financial literacy effectively. It gives you added credibility and confidence when teaching. Simply register below or contact us using your preferred method.

Right now you are invited to join the financial literacy movement. Become an active participant working toward solutions proposed in the National Financial Capability Strategy. Your investment will also help support a variety of programs funded through the NFEC’s social enterprise model.

Enroll now. Your investment is $297 plus shipping to receive the Certified Financial Education Instructor Program.

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Annual training and testing are required to maintain Certified Financial Education Instructor status. Read the complete terms and conditions and course requirements. The annual investment is $97 and includes all the training, tools and testing needed to keep your certification up-to-date.


*Optional:  Add the Presentation Package to the CFEI Training

Add the NFEC’s comprehensive and turnkey presentation package to your Certified Education Instructor Training.  Instructors guide, student guides and presentation material provide you everything needed to teach a class or host a financial literacy event.

The NFECs’ financial literacy curriculum and presentations provide usable, real world, education that is aligned with core curriculum standards.  The curriculum was designed by a team of educators, financial professionals, and experts in personal finance to ensure the material is practical in nature while meeting core standard requirements.

The NFEC appreciates you interest in improving the financial capabilities of those in your community.  Feel free to live chat below or contact us anytime, we are happy to be of service.


*FINRA does NOT approve or endorse any professional designation. Nor does a designation’s inclusion in this database imply that FINRA considers the designation to be acceptable for use by a registered representative.

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