Community College Financial Literacy Program

Organization Spotlight: Center for Financial Education Community College Financial Literacy Program

Between Fall 2013 and Spring 2015, the SunTrust Foundation Center for Financial Education at Wake Technical Community College enhanced its programs aimed at raising financial literacy competencies among Wake Tech students, staff, and community members.
The community college financial literacy campaign designed by the NFEC include more than 80 live instructional […]

Couples Talk About Money

Experts Recommend Books to Help Couples Talk about Money
What is the number one source of friction between couples? It’s not work; it’s not the kids; it’s not who cleans the house. No – it’s money. Family finance experts recommend that determining whether they are financially compatible should be a top consideration for any two people considering a long-term commitment.

Learning how […]

Reading for Financial Success

Financial Professionals Recommend Readings for Financial Success
What does financial success mean to you? For some it means getting rich quick. For others, just having enough to pay the bills with a little left over for fun. Still others define it as setting up a secure retirement. Whatever your personal financial definition, there are books that can help you get there. […]

Parents Role in Financial Education

Parents Role in Financial Education
A recent article in Red River Family Magazine, Mothers May Be Their Daughters’ Best Resource for Financial Knowledge, highlights the importance of communication with children about money.

The article by Debbie Gerlicher explores the relationship between mother and daughter and the lack of discussions that take place on the topics associated with personal finances. Most children report […]

General Financial Education Book Recommendations

Two Financial Education Books Stand Out to Advise Ordinary Citizens about Money
People looking for straightforward advice about handling their personal finances need look no further than two financial education books recently recommended by a group of financial professionals. The first is Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth by Nick Murray. The second is The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke […]

Family Money Talks – Utility Bill Challenge

Family Money Talks: Utility Bill Challenge
Don‘t you wish you learned about money when you were a child? I do! The majority of us have experienced at least one costly, stressful financial mistake in our lifetimes. Although many of us had to learn our personal finance lessons at the school of hard knocks, we can make our children‘s lives easier […]

Recommended Investment Books

Need Help to Understand Investing? Try these Expert-recommended Investment Books
From evolving global economies, to burgeoning technological advances, to shifting energy production – the investment landscape has become so complex that even the savviest investors may become baffled. And for those of us regular Janes and Joes who just want to plan for a comfortable retirement, the ins and outs of […]

Addressing Financial Literacy Gender Gap

Addressing the Financial Literacy Gender Gap
According to new research from George Washington University, women around the globe lag behind men in financial literacy. One of the key challenges facing financial literacy organizations and educators today is “bridging the gaps” – gaps found along gender, educational, and generational lines.
As a result of these disparities, certain demographic groups lack access to high-quality […]

Coping with College Debt

Coping with College Debt
If you’re like me, you owe a mortgage in student loan debt! Don’t despair – you didn’t do anything wrong. For generations, we’ve been taught that if you go to college and work hard, you will achieve the American Dream. Naturally, ambition and self-motivation are two necessary variables in that equation but nonetheless, we’ve all been taught […]

Backbone of Retirement Funding

Investment Forms the Backbone of Retirement Funding
In the years since bank deregulation in the late 1980s, we have witnessed the bursting of the dot-com bubble, the Great Recession, and huge bank bailouts. All these combined factors have contributed to the fact that banks no longer pay enough interest on savings deposits to result in meaningful gains. That means Americans can’t […]

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